Music  is  the universal language
that unites the world as one.

Two Handed hosts a non profit international showcase that recognizes exceptional artists from around the world, and promotes world peace through the love of music.


Artists who have been showcased on Two Handed Player
in the order they
have appeared and their links to You Tube.

Kevin Peters
Dave Celentano

Hans Van Even

Jennifer Batten

Daniel Peroine

Vanny Tonon

Aleksandar Sukovic

Akihiko Onji

Marcus Flynn

Billy McLaughlin

Lena Mashkina

Dan Mumm

Giancarlo Zaffoni
Leonardo Guzman

Remy Hansen
Angela Tapias
Shaul Ovadya
Damjan Pejcinoski

Jon Gomm
Mathias Sorof
Ignazio Di Salvo
Michael Bianco
Florent Atem
I Wayan Balawan
Listen Angel
Adam Fulara
Diego Budicin
Peter Luha
Christie Lenée
Mark Kroos
Gianluca Ferro
Elmo Karjalainen
Rafael Flores
Patrick Moreira
Joel Rodrigues










                                              JOEL RODRIGUES
                                  Duo Instrumental

                               DVD Lugares (Odeon)

                                      Um Só Brasil

                       DVD Lugares (Vale dos Vinhedos)


                                             JOEL RODRIGUES
                                                You Tube

         Joel Rodrigues born in Bento Gonçalves in 1977, became interested in music at age 11 when he joined his first course of guitar music. Over the years he had several music teachers and one of them was Marcos de Ros and also took classes in harmony and improvisation with Julius Herrlein, but when he saw the work of Stanley Jordan awakened him to a new technique, the technique of two-hand tapping.
         Joel Rodrigues after many years of work within this technique produced his own DVD along with drummer Kiko Freitas. 

     * * * * *





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