DAN MUMM

                                             'They Were As Stone'


                                                'A Glimpse Beyond'


                                 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor' JS Bach'


                                      DAN MUMM
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    Dan is a seasoned guitarist, composer and performer. He has put his classical guitar training to use in unique ways,
producing a series of electric guitar interpretations of classical pieces including Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody.   Dan has worked closely with music impresario Doug Marks for whom he authors a series of advanced instructional guitar DVD’s for Marks’ Metal Method label.

     Dan’s association with Inspired Instruments, the makers of the You Rock Guitar, began when Dan contacted the company about testing and reviewing their new instrument: a digital guitar that looks like a regular guitar but has a unique fretboard with no real strings that bridges the gap between the music and gaming industries. Impressed by the video he made with the You Rock Guitar, performing one of his original compositions, company president Cliff Elion hired Dan to create more videos demonstrating the midi instrument. He appeared as the company’s musical ambassador at the Music China 2011 Trade Show in China, NAMM, and the Frankfurt Musikmesse where Dan performed daily for enthusiastic crowds. The company is planning other appearances for Dan around the world and in the United States.

    Most recently, Dan has teamed up with Go Go Tuners, the makers of a guitar tuning device that hones in on a guitar string’s correct pitch in a much more accurate way than previous tuners. Dan is currently working on a demonstration video for the company.

     Dan endorses Parker Guitars, GoGo Tuners, and the You Rock Guitar.
Dan Mumm comes from a musical family and grew up playing guitar and piano. Finally settling on guitar as his favorite instrument but also learning to play bass, drums and violin along the way. He has performed in a number of metal bands, forming Mortal Despair in 1998. The band’s rendition of Dan’s original composition Mortal Despair was used over the closing credits in the 2005 horror movie Bloodthirst 2, Revenge of the Chupacabras for which Dan composed the score.

     More About Dan Mumm Fast Facts

     Dan’s instructional video Sweep Pick Mechanics was of the most successful Metal Method programs on its release.

     Dan was made a Partner on YouTube with a rapidly growing viewcount that is currently over 400,000.

                   Dan’s music is also available on iTunes.

  Dan is one of a select group of musicians who has performed at the Music China Tradeshow in Shanghai, China, an international trade fair for musical instruments and services that has been called Asia Pacific’s number one music industry event.


      Michael Angelo Batio (voted “No. 1 Shredder of All Time” by Guitar One Magazine, and one of the “Top 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time” by Guitar World Magazine): ” Dan Mumm is a great, innovative young guitarist. Dan has total mastery of the instrument and is one of the best guitarists in this new generation of players. He is also a great instructor.”

      Doug Marks (guitarist and producer of the Metal Method instructional DVD series): “Guitar virtuoso Dan Mumm has set a new standard for neoclassical shred guitar. Dan is not just a shred monster, he’s also one of today’s finest new composers.”

      Cliff Elion (inventor of the You Rock Guitar and President of Inspired Instruments) “Dan is an impeccable guitar player with astounding technique and musicianship, he has helped us demonstrate the capability of our product, the You Rock Guitar – he has shown us things that we did not even know were possible. Dan’s professionalism is not limited to the guitar. He has written and produced several informative videos for us that really delivered our intended message, concisely and with great entertainment value.”

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