Trillo Videos

  Trillo promo videos feature the classical two handed instrument. Performances with the trillo are now available for your viewing pleasure by visiting Music by Tralian
(c) 2011
     This page is designed to familiarize two handed players with a new two handed classical fine art instrument that took three decades to achieve.
For those who seek the classical art of two handed playing, the trillo was made for the purest form of the art ever conceived.

      The method is  different than tapping as the strings have to be picked off the board. A four string instrument more intricately complex and challenging to the player, and actually is the genesis for all two handed playing in ancient form.
     The trillo is an instrument of the future whose origin lies in the past. An instrument for  all time, and for the philharmonic orchestras and symphony.
     For more details regarding the trillo you can visit:

                                           THE TRILLO 2012


                             THE TRILLO UNVEILED IN 2012

                                                              Part 1

                                                              Part 2

                             THE TRALIAN TRILLO


                          PRELUDE TO THE TRILLO


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