DAVE CELENTANO
                                                       Toccata and Fugue (Latest Version)


                                                                   Crystal Castle


                                                                    ASAP Two Hand Tapping


                                                          Dave Celentano Live


                                                         Toccata and Fugue in D minor


                                               DAVE CELENTANO
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  Dave Celentano is a graduate of Musician's Institute, featured guitarist in Guitar Player Magazine 'Spotlight' column (May 1991), and author of over 30 instructional books, cds, and dvds including "Flying Fingers", "The Magic Touch", "Over The Top Tapping", "Monster Scales and Modes", and "Speed Metal". Dave's latest two hand tapping instructional dvd is "ASAP Two Hand Tapping". He has released two solo cds "Guitar Stew" (rock and blues) and "Wicked Music Box" (instrumental hard rock/metal). In addition, Dave teaches private guitar lessons in the Los Angeles area and specializes in two hand tapping, rock, blues, metal, with a touch of classical and jazz. See all Dave's music and instructional products at:              _________________________      www.davecelentano.com 

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