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                                      Diego Budicin with Steve Vai

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    •     2006 – Winner of the contest “L’Orchestra del domani” on the italian television “Domenica In – Ieri, oggi e domani” (RAI 1 channel). Selected by Dody Battaglia, Enrico Ciacci and Alberto Radius. Diego plays the electric guitar in the Orchestra, directed by the Maestro Pippo Caruso.

    •    2010 – Tour in U.S. during August. Diego perfoms 20 gigs in the Florida state.
    •    October 2011 – Winner of the Joe Satriani contest promoted by Rock Tv.
    •    November 2011 - Tour of over 15 gigs in Holland, Germany ed U.K. as support act of the Acid-Rock band “The Stoney Curtis Band”.
    •    October 2012 – Winner of the prestigious Steve Vai contest promoted by MusicOff.
    •    November 11, 2012 - Steve Vai invites Diego to share the stage with him for a great jam session during Steve’s concert in Rome at Pala Atlantico.

    •    December 2012 – Touring 2 gigs as a session guitar player with the famous bass player Marco Mendoza.
    •    January 2013 – Endorser for Ibanez Guitars and Laney Amplifiers.
    •    May 24/25, 2013 - Demo and live performance at Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana (Italy).
    •    June 14/15, 2013 - Live performance at Music Italy Show in Bologna.

    •    September 2013 – Debut Album
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