GIANCARLO ZAFFONI

                                                 Gates of Eternity


                                     ‪Toccata per arpa di P. D. Paradisi ‬
‪                                 "Intervallo RAI" - guitar tapping version‬


                                                    Highway Star
                                                     Organ Solo
                                                     Guitar Solo


                            GIANCARLO ZAFFONI
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     I was born in Lanzo Torinese (Turin), the 25th of February, 1978. I am living in Balangero, nearby Lanzo, at about 27 km northward from Turin, Italy.
     I started playing guitar at age of 13, at the children's club in my hometown, Balangero. When I was 16, my parents brought to me my first electric guitar, as a Christmas gift. It was a Fender Stratocaster Made in Mexico, and there began my music course. In 1995, at the age of 17, I joined my first band, with some friends of mine. Since that time until now, I've played in several bands, exploring musical languages like rock, r'n'b, blues, soul, pop, funky, hard rock and heavy metal. After spending many years as a self-taught musician, in June 2008 I joined the Lizard Music Academy, under the guide of the guitarist and session man Tony De Gruttola. Now I am preparing my final graduation exam.
     I've always been into tapping technique, starting from Van Halen's works and then Jennifer Batten and TJ Helmerich styles. Tapping has always been the main part of my playing style. In the last years I'm getting into the study of the "touch technique", which I think it is the last frontier for electric guitar composition.
      Now I am playing in two bands, one is a cover rock band, called "Voodoo Children" and the other is a hang duo named "Manosonora". With these I've made a couple of demo records and a lot of shows in my country. At the same time I'm working on some compositions for a next-to-come release and on a method about the tapping technique. 

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