KEVIN PETERS
                                                         'God is Crying' by Kevin Peters
                                                                        (Joe Satriani)


                                                                      Shred This III


                                                                  OTT Neo Tapping


                                    KEVIN PETERS
                                                      One That Taps You Tube channel



    Kevin started playing guitar the "normal" way with a pick. His early influences were Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul GIlbert, etc. Not satisfied with his speed progress, he began to experiment with the tapping technique to play fast picking lines. At the time, Kevin was aware of tappers such as Jennifer Batten and Stanley Jordan. But rather than study what others have done he developed his own technique with the goal in mind to execute lines that would typically be picked and not sound like typical tapping.
Kevin hopes to bring more awareness to this way of tapping with a future CD and instructional DVD.

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