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         Ignazio Salvo was born on 10/12/85 in Agrigento. From an early age he studied classical guitar achieving the fifth year of the conservatory and licensing of music theory under the guidance of M ° Francesco Buzzurro.

         In 2002, his first instrumental demo "Where do the thoughts come from?" composed at 16-17 years, took the title of young talent and future promise for the Italian rock guitar. (Metal Shock, Guitars, Raw & Wild, Metal Hammer, Rockeggiando.it).

         In 2003 he studied in the seminars Siena Jazz. He later graduated in Business Administration from the University "Bocconi" of Milan with a thesis entitled "Strategies for enhancing the artistic product niche: The case EGEA and the Italian Jazz." At the same time he graduated also at the "Civic Jazz Courses" of the International Academy of Music in London, studying with Roberto Cecchetto (guitar), John Monteforte (guitar) Marco Vaggi (ensemble), Paul Peruffo (Theory), Gabriele Comeglio (harmony, arranging and improvisation), Lucio Terzano and is currently attending the two-year specialization. He 'Graduated the Biennium Degree in Jazz at the Conservatory of Music "Vivaldi" in Alessandria.

         In 2009 he participated in the summer workshops at Berklee College of Music. On that occasion he was awarded  the best guitar player and was chosen by John Thomas to take part in the Berklee Umbria Jazz Band Award, esibitasi at Umbria Jazz Winter 2010.

         In 2010 he was a finalist for the prestigious "Eddie Lang" Monteroduni for young jazz guitarists and again in September 2010 he won the first prize of the international competition "Ziua Chitarelor3" in Bucharest attributed by a jury of big names from the modern guitar such as Jennifer Batten, Andreas Oberg, Michael Lee Feerkins, Stu Hamm, Dave Martone, William Stravato, Damjan Pejcinosky, Corrado and Fabrizio Sgandurra Dadò (Axemagazine).

         He was one of 11 finalists for the prestigious London Guitar Idol chosen from over 1,030 guitarists from all over the world, receiving positive approvals for the song "A Night of Change" considered the best of the competition.

         He qualified to teach at the MMI of Verona with Alex Stornello and is currently the director of the MMI in Milan. He also studied jazz guitar with Umberto Fiorentino Bebo Ferra and Emanuele Basentini. Ignazio the opportunity to study at the Nuoro Jazz Seminars organized by the Italian trumpet player Paolo Fresu internationally acclaimed, earning the prestigious scholarship awarded to the best students of the course, and then was able to open the Jazz Festival and Berchidda Nuoro, Sardinia .

         He also took part in the seminars with Jennifer Batten, Steve Trovato, Richard Smith, Walter Donatiello, Dave Liebman, Guthrie Govan. Dave Martone, Michael Lee Feerkins, Andreas Oberg, Stu Hamm, Tomaso Lama, Umberto Fiorentino. He opened for the concerts of Reb Beach (Whitesnake, Winger) and Guthrie Govan in 2011.

        Ignazio is in Collaboration with the site www.jamtrackcentral.com as an artist and composer.

        He is currently recording his first solo album "A gift to the World," forthcoming in 2012.

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