SHAUL OVADYA

                             Shaul Ovadya and the TAPPING TRIO live
                                                                                               (Stanley Jordan)


                                                  The Wild Horses‬


                                         Israel TV CH 1 News Article 


                                SHAUL OVADYA
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Shaul was born in Israel in Beer Sheva in 1961, while still a young boy he became interested in playing the guitar.‬ He began playing professionally at age 10, was influenced by, and learned the musical styles of rock, jazz, blues and Israeli music. At the age of 15  he appeared on stage and combined singing, and had already begun to develop the tapping method, playing the guitar like piano, bass, harmony and melody all at once. For 10 years he almost completely stopped playing the conventional method and began to play the songs he loved, only in tapping style.‬

‪He currently plays with three unique bands, 'Trio Tapping band' accompanied by bass, drums, and a more full band with a singer where you can see Shaul tapping with a full accompaniment. Another band is more folkloristic accompanied by accordion and percussion.‬

‪Currently we are filming a master class with Shaul. In this video you will see Shaul playing different styles on his guitar, that will soon be available.

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