VANNY TONON
                                                                  "Uncle Frenesy"


                                                       Blue Noize Solo Contest


                                                                         VANNY LIVE
                                                                        in the
                                            "Flight of the Eight Fingers Bumblebee"
                                                              *Guiness Award


                                    VANNY TONON
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     I was born on the 10th July 1990 in Vittorio Veneto (TV), Italy. I started playing when I was six and my first teacher was my father (ex-musician); when I was 8 I started private lesson of the acoustic guitar and at 10 years I switched to electric guitar lessons with various private teachers.
I love music and I spend all my time on it: from 5 to 10 hours per day.
    In 2004 I decided to start a modern guitar course with teacher Mauro Da Ros in the guitar school "San Giuseppe" and I studied with a lot of passion Theory and Solfeggio and the most important guitar techniques.
In 2008 I finished the course with the mark 9/10.
In 2007 I started teaching in different schools and to give private lessons.
   From 2008 I tought in the school " Antonio Vivaldi" in Mareno di Piave (Italy) and in the following year also in the school "Egle Salvadoretti" in S.Lucia di piave (Italy).
In 2009 I began studying in the national Jazz course in the Conservatory of Adria ( triennial jazz high degree); in the next 2 years I prepared for the MMI DIPLOMA and took the degree with the mark of 98/100.
Now I'm in the last year of the jazz triennial degree in the jazz course of Adria.

    From 2010 I was endorsed by some of the important companies like: Essetipicks (by steve tommasi), Brunetti amps, Droplay, Crafter (for the acoustics), Manne (electric guitars), Dogal for strings.
I've worked with a lot of different bands and orchestras and I'm still working with international artists.

    In April 2011 I went into the National Italian TV program "Lo show die record" in which I played the flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky Korzakov at 340 bpm and I became the fastest guitar player with an Official Guinness Certificate. My judge was Luca Colombo, one of the best Italian guitarists (he worked with artists like Ramazzotti, Antonacci etc..). Now my speed is continuing and some international TV's asked me to retry my record at over 700 bpm..(I think I'll retry it in the future)

    I've worked with some guitar magazines like Axe magazine and I was invited to some important international conventions (ADGPA, guitar meetings, SHG 34 in Milan etc..).

    I'm working on my solo album called "Between Love and Pain" with an important Record company. My single "Uncle Frenesy" took some recognition from some important artists and producers like: Atma Anur, Jason Becker, Mario Riso, Mark Varney, Dave Celentano, Orianthi Panagaris.

    I played this single on the "Talent showcase session" of Jamtrackcentral.com.

     From 2011 I am the featured artist on TWOHANDEDPLAYER.com. that will make me a page in the site in a few months for my 8 finger tapping technique.
Manne guitars this year (2011) realized a signature model guitar for me.

     In october 2011 GWR gave me the news that they put me into the guinness world book 2012 that sold millions and millions copies around the world!

       I've studied jazz/fusion guitar and theory with some of the greatest teachers in Italy: Fabio Zeppetella (guitar), Fabio Petretti (theory of improvisation ), Luca Donini (theory and solfeggio) , Roberto Rossi (writing for Big Band) , Massimo Zemolin (Guitar), Michele Francesconi (Piano), Matteo Turella (guitar), Federico Troncatti ( Classical music analyzing), Eloisa Atti (English), Bragalini Luca (History of jazz music), Rodolfo Baroncini (History of music), Giorgio Bussolin (Finale software course).

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