Light My Fire

                                 Autumn Impression
                               (original by pARTyzant)

                            Mazurka D Major by Chopin

                                        España Cañi

                                    Swan Lake (live)


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Opublikowano: piątek, 03, kwiecień 2009 12:29
pARTyzant is an electric guitar player, who started his career due to a legendary Polish rock band – Dzem. Since 1991, for over three years, he was supporting their concerts with his own solo performances and playing together with the band on harmonica, accordion, percussion or acoustic guitar. As a multiinstrumentalist, pARTyzant can be found on four Dzem studio records from that period.

From the very beginning of his music adventure, he is using an unique and extraordinary technique, named by “two-hand tapping“, which lies in accurate hitting of proper notes by one’s fingers. By the use of that technique, it is possible to create a greater amount of melodies at the same time as well as, for instance, play on more than one guitar.

pARTyzant devoirs a wider publicity to his own Youtube channel (//, where  everyday since 2007 about few thousands visitors are watching his own videos. In 2008, thanks to a polish luthier company – MENSINGER, by creating a special double-neck instrument, he achieved greater possibilities of expressing himself on the guitar. In the same Year, he also had a chance to perform with a worldwide known virtuoso – Tommy Emmanuel on MusikMesse in Frankfurt. In a wide repertoire of this creative musician, we can find famous rock, jazz, classical or movie tracks as well as his own compositions.

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